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AMF (Asia Minigolf sport Federation) is the only official governing body for Minigolf sports Associations/Federations in Asia.

AMF is a continental federation of WMF (World Minigolf sport Federation) hence the WMF is a member of Sport Accord, the general association of international sports federations.

The AMF organizes open championships/tournaments for elite players and the youth as well as holding biannual continental championships in Asia. Also, the AMF tries to promote and popularize Minigolf, as an easily-practicable sporting activity for the public throughout the whole continent.

Four Minigolf systems of play have been recognized by the WMF:

Concrete (Beton), Miniaturegolf (Eternit), Feltgolf (Swedish Felt) and MOS (Minigolf Open Standard / adventure golf).

System Surface Material Border Material Area
Concrete Concrete (Beton) Steel 1000
Miniature Fiber cement Metal 600
Felt Felt Wood 1000
MOS Artificial grass / felt … Metal / wood… 1000
* Area: Minimum area per Square Meter (M2)

Please refer to Miscellaneous table, Documents links for further technical information about systems of play.

If a beginner, you are able to trace Minigolf through our helpful links and if you are applying for Minigolf in your country, you are warmly welcome. Please send us your request through the Contact link. You will be immediately contacted upon receiving your request.

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